It’s a simple dream, to write code from anywhere. In order to travel light, whether it’s to the coffee shop, on vacation, or a business trip, I’d love to leave my MacBook at home at just bring along my iPad. Not having spent a lot of time outfitting my iPad with the right tooling, however, made this experience painful at best, unproductive at worst.

Code from anywhere…is that asking too much?

I’ve recently spent more time thinking about my remote development needs, as well as what my current development workflow looks like, in order to put together an environment that…

I have music playing most of the day. Not just music in the background, but music specific to what I’m doing at the time. Having coffee? Maybe some indie singer/songwriter. Cooking Italian? Opera…of course. Working out? Not Chopin. But Sonos doesn’t make it quick and easy to get to your music. It can take 12–16 (or more) gestures for me to unlock my phone, navigate to the Sonos app, run it, select the room, select favorites, tap in to see all favorites, and scroll to the one I want to play.

Steve Hall

Principal Software Engineer — Microsoft

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